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The Boardroom is a proven tool that helps entrepreneurs evolve through continual business transitions. It supports decision-making with gainful insights from an encouraging community of business owners. Tough questions can be balanced with thoughtful responses from colleagues, helping to tip the scales from high pressure moments to reframing our thinking and strategies.

–Bob Borenstein

On the first day of being in the Boardroom, I immediately connected with like-minded entrepreneurs interested in growing our businesses and engaged in peer support. Now I don't feel so alone in my business journey!

–Amy Williams

Networking is one thing but being a part of this boardroom takes networking to a different level. This platform is not only educational and motivational, but it also promotes accountability and interaction with interesting and knowledgeable people across many sectors of the business community. Elin, this platform is a stroke of GENIUS.

–Ralph Wolff

Upcoming Events: 

We connect live for networking and expert speakers every other Friday at 11EST/8PST.

The BoardRoom community is for you if you are:

  • Serious about growing your business

  • Wanting to impact your community, employees and world in a positive way

  • Interested in learning new skills that will support your goals

  • Looking for a supportive community of peers

If you’re a business owner who is looking for an environment that’s both supportive AND full of ambitious small and mid-size business owners, keep reading.

Running a business on a daily basis can be a lot to handle. 

You know all about the pressures of your business…. What about the joy of finding your people?

Imagine a community where you’re in a “safe space” of peers. A place where you can learn from those who are further along in their business AND where you can share advice and guidance to those still coming up in the ranks.

As a Boardroom member you’ll have:

  • Early access to all upcoming events 

  • Hundreds of videos of previous speakers available on demand

  • A community of peers who know what it’s like to be in the trenches in a small or midsize business

  • FREE access via app or webpage - your choice

  • Opportunities to join the Inner Circle for higher level CEO conversations and connections (membership fee applies)

My Story

My name is Elin Barton and I’m the founder of The BoardRoom.

Several years ago I was faced with monumental challenges in my own business. Our financial struggles were real and the pressure was enormous.

While friends and family were supportive, I found that I didn’t have a close network of trusted business people who I could get “real” with. People who understood what I was going through because at one point or another they had walked a similar path.

I decided to try to start the community and it’s been growing organically ever since. 

Our members talk about how much they enjoy the community, and for many people The Boardroom is what they credit with getting them through COVID with their sanity intact. 

Now The BoardRoom is my passion project - a way to give back and to grow a group of people who want to grow businesses and change lives.

Won’t you join us?